2016 Juno Awards Nominee



Aboriginal Album of the Year

Adult Contemporary Album of the Year


Special Causes


As a member of the Aboriginal community, Don Amero is actively involved in the advancement of Aboriginal people and causes throughout Canada. He uses his music to encourage a lifelong partnership between all Canadians, one that revolves around mutual respect and understanding, and a willingness to walk alongside one another through all life events.


North End Family Centre, Winnipeg


Near and dear to Don’s heart, The North End Family Centre is a community gathering place that provides a comfortable and safe environment for community members to connect and belong. Their programs empower families to meet their life goals and overcome the challenges of living with poverty. Staff are also available for life changing transitional support and pastoral encouragement.


The North End Family Centre is always accepting coffee and sugar donations!




From Don Amero



The Bros. Landreth


These guys are truly one of the hottest Canadian bands out there right now. Right out of the gate these guys were a hit. Things really took off once Bonnie Raitt fell in love them last summer at the Winnipeg Folk Fest. A mix of blues, soul, folk and rock, these guys have it all. Be sure to get out and see them if they’re ever in your area. 

This is the video that won me over a few years ago, 


Falling Shouldn’t Feel That Way


I guess a little shameless plug now and again can’t hurt. I just released a new music video called ‘Falling Shouldn’t Feel That Way’. My hope is that it will be a song that offers strength to anyone who has been in an abusive relationship. Life is too short to spend with anyone who has to physically or emotionally tear you down. 

Thanks to Troy Kokal and Candace Lacina for bringing this song to life as co-writers. Murray Pulver is the producer behind the music and Landon Lake is the videographer and director of the video. It’s feels pretty great to have an amazing team around you. This video is proof that there’s good people in my corner. 


Blue Rodeo


I’ve been a fan of these guys since 1994. Me and my buddy Cal would sit around late at night and learn their songs. It was on those nights that I first learned about harmonies. Thank you Blue Rodeo and the music you’ve given me for the last 20 + years. 

Now on the cusp of a federal election, I’m not one to tell you who to vote for, but these guys sure make it clear who they think you shouldn’t be voting for. What do you think? 


Red Moon Road


Red Moon Road is Daniel Jordan, Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner and Sheena “The Voice” Rattai. They are a trio that you need to hear now! Their music falls somewhere between folk and pop with a hint ( and sometimes a boat load) of gospel. To my ears they bring something new and necessary to the musical table. They just released a new album Sorrows and Glories and it’s pretty great.

The thing that is an attest to this band is that each one of them has the musical skill set to go out and become great solo acts, but luckily for us they have joined forces and the world is better because they have.