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New Music and Nashville

Lots on the go these days. I am currently on route to Nashville to spend a week of intense writing for my next albums. Yes, not one but two at once. I am hoping to release some new music this fall with singles and videos this spring and summer. You guys are holding me up and I owe you my best, I promise to keep bringing that to the table.

On to 2014

2013 was my best year yet in many ways. My little family is doing great and we just celebrated my sons second birthday. Musically, it was a year of unbelievable encounters and opportunities. I am now writing album number 5 while working on songs for a kids TV show. I aim to be on the road in spring, summer and this fall will be touring the new album. Keep looking forward! Here’s to 2014!!

I Don’t Wanna Let You Go

A few months ago I wrote a great song with my friend Jaylene Johnson, it’s called “I Don’t Wanna Let You Go”. We just released it as a brand new single and it went out to country radio stations across the country. As my gift to you I am giving you a free download of the song here on my site. Please grab it, share and consider calling and requesting it on your local country station.

Upcoming Shows

Date City Venue
04/26/14 Don Amero in Winnipeg, MB Private Event
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: $20. Age restrictions: All Ages. Don Amero, Brad Woods and Raine Hamilton will be performing at this one of a kind House Concert. This is Don’s first ‘Choose Your Adventure’ Concert where he and the other artists will converse with the audience and allow that conversation to lead what songs and stories are shared. This is an RSVP event with limited seating. If you are interested find out how you can get tickets by emailing Don: donamero@gmail.com
05/01/14 - 05/02/14 Don Amero in Fort St. John, BC Walk In Balance Conference
Time: 10:00am. Address: TBA. Venue phone: 250.785.1870. Don Amero will be part of this conference that aims to help individuals learn tools, find inspiration and use strengths to enhance and change their life! Other artists include: Adam Beach, Fred Steen, Catie St. Germaine, DJ St. Germaine, Winston Wuttunee and many more.

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